Digital Marketing IN & AS a Weapon since 2014 Loksabha Elections!

Author - Tazo's

Though it has been a long time to that moment when India decided to Crown PM Modi with a hope that every farmer, middle class family, poor family and infact affluent family were carrying along them selves, A hope to see India as a nation stronger than any other, wiser than any other and humble than any other. Not just PM Modi won the election but he also won the heart of young and youthful India wanting to embrace itself into DIGITAL INDIA.

According to many opposition parties, Modi Lehar was nothing but a summer storm which came and gone but 2017 early 5 state elections says Modi lehar just turned into a "SUNAMO" from road shows to social media activeness everything from day one were predicting Modi Sarkar to become the largest party with almost 190 - 200 but on streets of India on saturday morning safron colour was in the air and BJP was leading with 258 seats by 09:45 am as per early trend, Modi's new mission of Digital India was accepted even by UP, despite of cashless days, people still voted for Modi Sarkar, that clearly indicates that people of India are accepting the formula of Digital India.

The changing scenario has taken us into a new world, a world that has taken a technological turn, a world that has globalised us and given us a completely new atmosphere. Digital marketing is no more restricted to one place, it has diversified and taken almost every field under it's wings. It has captured the hold of every field and given it a new and a better turn. One such major turn was observed in the changing political scenario of India.

The much renowned Prime Minister of India, PM Modi has changed the definition and the way the political scenario works. 2014 Lok Sabha elections was a well traded affair. It has created a completely new product and way of contesting elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gathered all his funds and preferred investing in social media and social campaigning rather than investing into traditional campaigning ways. He took the whole concept of political parties to another level and gained recognition amongst the youth.

The target audience was looked after and their attention was grabbed. With every scroll of facebook, the newsfeed has political campaigning, youtube ads well had 'Modi jingles', The tweets were Modi-fied in the most apt way. It was an amazing feeeling to see the youth peep into elections and have their stand. One could see them participate. They were able to take their own stand and critically analyse the whole scenario of political regime. It was a great step and grabbed all the attention. Digital marketing gave a better uphold to politics and made it have a better and a dignified value. The clouded negative affair of politics has now been cleared and people have started taking a peep into the political scenario of the country. Thus, Digital marketing has been one reason to give a new name to the political scenario. 2014 Lok Sabha elections was a well conducted affair and the Prime Minister made a great use of the social networking sites and other digital portals to create a new aura of politics.


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